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Thank you publishing facts for promoting awareness to what’s really going on in the world of those who claim to know all the scams out there effecting Writers and Authors. We’re referring to Preditors & Editors , Victoria Strauss, Ann Crispin, James D. Macdonald,  , SFWA and several other followers who are just repeating their chant without checking the facts.

We have been monitoring the blogs and have been mildly amused by the responses from these self proclaimed protectors of Writers and Authors. What “they” seem to miss even though it has been posted in very plain language is that the tides have turned and not everyone remains gullible and trusting of what is presented to them. With the changes in internet law, other people are willing to confront and demand more than blog posts of alleged scams. They want proof.

Ironically these “websites / authors” are doing what they claim others are doing, taking advantage of people who are looking in good faith for facts and information, truthful information about the publishing industry.  Their responses are reduced to internet babble. A mix of half truths, alleged facts and very personal un-professional remarks and behavior.

They tend to be abusive, Holier then thou,  and totally off the mark. ALL they have to do is PROVE what they post. Just saying they have “hundreds” of complaint isn’t going to cut it. People are fed up with that attitude. Courts are leaning heavily toward companies and individuals who are entitled to face their accusers and their alleged facts.

One poster stated that they’re “reaping what they sow” how true.  All of sudden people are asking them questions about who they really are, besides mutual friends.

So why don’t they just tell the truth?

What makes us feel comfortable about them and their offices that are listed at P.O Boxes and storage units?  Besides being illegal its smells like they are hiding something. AT least most of the companies they post about have real offices. They haven’t paid taxes, they beg for money for their defense fund.

They can’t even follow their own by laws, so what redeeming value can they give us? Nothing other than the chant “it’s a scam because I say so that’s why”.

They love the power of their words. But it is going to be a short love affair. The tide is turning faster and faster. It’s just a matter of time and they will be legally addressed. We wish that they would redeem themselves before it happens.

Finally there are more and more individuals and companies who were concerned about saying anything, less the “protectors” awake and attack them, are now fighting back demanding accountability from these so called “protectors”.           Jung Hu       

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Victoria Strauss Part of a Cult? Wanted for Lying!

These  are three candidates for an intervention. They have exposed themselves to a lot of critical  review of  “Just what do they do?”  Their claim to fame is that they are doing something that no one else would do. Ratting out scammers. Sadly they are taking  down the house known as, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America and the bastard child Writer Beware.

Their actions have tarnished the other members of this wonderful themed  writing group known as Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers.  Their  actions individually and collectively are out-of-bounds of professional writing ethics’. They have become an embarrassment. These actions will not help Victoria Strauss to sell her new book “Passion Blue”.  Nor Ann Crispin’s alleged Carribbean rip off.   The fact is that it showcases the writer’s lack of professional behavior.

 However………………….Their reviews, complaints and reports are well within their writing genre, Science Fiction, & Fantasy.   

With the skill of  demented surgeons, Victoria Strauss, her BFF Ann Crispin and their “Genial Uncle”, James D. Macdonald, they cut and carve up “Newbies”  The un-aware writers who drop in to their web. They allege a world of conspiracy at every turn. Their bully tactics actually cover up what good they might have done. They show a strong dislike towards Christian authors and Christian Publishing companies.

They spin bright shiny objects (alleged Scans) to the Newbies  and with the voices of sirens

  they cry out for professional respect because they have the bright shiny object which is their word. They double speak and talk with forked tongue. They claim to have facts, real facts but have never produce any. The writers and “want to be’s”  follow the masters in hopes of getting fifteen minutes of fame from them will help their book.

The followers quote their master’s words and alleged scams to the note.  They never question the words of the masters.  Sadly though some of these fans are now finding themselves receiving letters from attorneys telling them to cease and desist. The newbie then has to remove and retract their personal posts.  Now they ‘ve tarnished their own images.

“Don’t look behind the Green curtain”, they yell!

Indeed, don’t look because there is NOTHING there.

PROVE YOUR CLAIMS! Show your FACTS and Proof.  Be responsible.  Think on your own.  Don’t join a cult.




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Boycotting Victoria Strauss’s New Book “Passion Blue”

Just a personal thought or opinion if you will.

I don’t think Boycotting her book is the type of action I would advocate. The term is too harsh. It implies that it serious enough to boycott.

Honestly most people are doing that now anyway. Check her sales records. They’re just choosing not to spend money on something that has no redeeming value. “Passion Blue” sounds boring and borderline copies five hundred other book themes. No Authors I know pre-markets their new book with no cover chosen yet.

Her reputation as an author is highly questionable. She lies about other authors, publishing companies  agents and agencies. She blogs like she has all the time in the world. (she does, her writing proves it).

When my students are asked to present a book for review, we talk about the theme and we want to know if it is original or a copy of a theme de jour, like Ann Crispens books. Ann couldn’t get an original thought if she tried. She copy cats off of other popular themes like Star wars, Caribbean bad guys and her next one will probably be a “Hunger Games” with Werewolves.

Victoria has no background for being the expert she claims. Her success if any is very limited and is connected to herself  proclaimed position with ·  Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers (SFWA) . She is very narcissistic. I would not allow my students to read her new Young Adult novel . . . “Passion Blue” in class. It’s not worth the time. If this was a noted author writing a blah book I’d think about it.  A blah book and bad Author is not what we want the young adults to learn about.  Victoria is reaping what she sows. Thats sad.

Victoria needs to go to writers rehab. She is bringing down the house of SFWA, literally.


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Ah the F—Word by Victoria Strauss

It is a moot opinion if Victoria Strauss wants to use the F—Word. It’s her choice.  At her level of writing there needs to be  some action words to support the lack of substance in her writing.

In reviewing the data research of her posts and books there is a definite  pattern of comic book writing or a lack of professional writing.  In fact Victoria is most comedic in her responses to questions about her “facts”.    Victoria is more than entitled to write this way. She comes off as a Egotistical Cyber Bully troll. She loves the attention her bad behavior brings her.

Her readers, though small in numbers are in need of elementary written works, and at least they’re reading some big words. Bad ones but big ones.

So that being said, she has to be the fulfiller of her own dreams. Therefore she is as good as she thinks. BUT the problem is like comparing apples and oranges or in this case comic books to masterpieces.  So we support her. Go Victoria, there is always room at the bottom under the bridge.

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James D. Macdonald, ……….Notable quotes from a BAD minded, Bully Blogger

After tons of E-mail to the office about the Sci-Fi three, we are going to update where we are on the facts about Ole Macdonald and his Farmerettes, Miss ( I never lie and I like to use the F—-word, please treat me like a serious writer) Victoria Strauss, and Miss Ann Crispin who was alleged to have asked a publisher to publish her next book and she would then seal her lips about them…….. 

Here are once again some of  Ole Macdonald’s  notable quacks.  

Quote #1

“If your book flops it’s because your publisher doesn’t need to sell books to make their profit.”

LETS look at that statement. If that were true, what about these major flops.

Journey to Justice by Johnnie Cochran. Ballantine paid a
reported $3.5 million.

Behind the Oval Office by Dick Morris. Random House paid an estimated
$2.5 million.

Leading with my Chin by Jay Leno. HarperCollins paid a
reported $4 million.

Surely these big boys would’ve like to sell some books.

Quote #2

“One thing I’ve always wondered… where and when did Dr. Tate (Founder of Tate Publishing) get his PhD?”

What in the world is this remark about? Personal bullying, character assassination,
getting off base, confusing the issue or all of the above?

This is no more relevant to publishing than Mr. Macdonald stating that he was a enlisted boatswain mate and then an “officer.”  One thing we always wondered………what rank of an officer were you and how is that background information important to what you do now ?  Or if your wife has a PhD what has that got to do with her writing?

Quote #3

“Chris P, here’s a question to ask your nephew: Have you, personally, ever bought a Tate book? Has anyone you know ever bought one? If not, what makes you think that anyone will buy your book?”

Well, A book stands alone from the publishing house. Once it’s released, it up to the buyers to decide which book(s) are a success. The distributors want that book to sell because they make money too. Most people couldn’t tell you who published Harry Potter, but they own the book. This remark is so unprofessional.

Let prove how stupid this remark is by saying, Have you, personally, ever bought a Macdonald book? Has anyone you know ever bought one?  If not, what makes you think that anyone will buy your book?” Duh!

Quote #4

“You’re right, Dick! I’m not J. K. Rowling nor am I James Patterson. I’m just a shaggy-ass midlist writer. But I’ve paid off my mortgage, put two kids through college, have another two in college right now, and I’ve done it by writing. Writing for publishers who paid me in advance. Who sold books to readers.”

This is pure bully. Very defensive, complete with bad language, ( must be the sailor in him). Well what about your wife’s income? Or did you forget her?

Quote #5

“How about you post the answer in public right here?”

This is a common chant from Macdonald. However he refuses to answer any questions about him

But if you read the whole blog, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that the original question was so off the subject matter anyway. He confuses and side tracks the issues.

We need professional people, not angry, self-appointed, foul mouth tyrants, who are not family oriented.

Check out this post by  “Your Genial Uncle.”

Then we found out that he availiable for school visits. Bet that line is long.


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What in the world is going on with these web-sites that are supposed to professionally review, report and help people learn about the world of publishing?

Over the last five years, those of us that have come to depend on these sites to educate and inform us newbies, have found out that the cover of this book doesn’t even come close to what is really going on.

Over time we have begun to see inside the inner networks of these web-sites and what the people of interest are really doing.

When you review (very time consuming) the years of blog postings and logs, then cross reference them with actual events, such as law suits, mix in honest research to what they are saying vs what is really fact, you begin to realize that it’s a power thing.

These web-sites have lost their alleged mission in life. They actually think that they are untouchable, unapproachable and immune to any consequences as a result of something that they post. They have become mean-spirited, egotistical, biased, opinionated, dishonest, and in some cases blow information out of their butts. They create sensational posts, outrageous claims and then fall silent when asked to produce the facts to back it up.

Are they successful web-sites? No. Most of them are asking for money for a legal defense fund for one of their own that got bit by a legal bug and the cure is very expensive. (They got sued and lost.) I remember a line from a play once, that stated, “if you think you’re right, get your checkbook out or shut up.“ Times are changing and this form of bullying is over. You will be held accountable for your internet mouth.

These web-sites actually think that they can coerce publishing companies into revealing proprietary information, using extortion and veiled threats of blackmail. They use their web-sites to create negative remarks. Nothing is worse than a false statement about you or your company on the internet. Then you have innocent visitors geting caught in the quagmire. Trying to educate themselves, only to get really confused.

Who are we to believe? Professional review / research sites, do NOT engage in character assassinations. They do NOT engage in trashing their competitors or state things that are NOT facts. They can state an opinion. A very strong opinion, which is fair enough, but then when they overkill the question by making false and misleading statements, attack the opinion of the visitor, they fall down to the level of childish prattle. They like to hear themselves sound authoritative.

The unique thing is that these few web-sites have all the same characters in them. A cozy group you might say, or a band of bullies.

Their reputations are seriously damaged. They have allegedly used their positions to ask for jobs and ask for publishing considerations from the same companies they trash. In return they’ll speak no more about them. But when asked about it, they have no tongue. WHAT gives? Is the truth too much? If you said it, prove it. Get your houses in order. An eye opening factual web-site that is doing a lot of research and fact-finding about these web-sites is I encourage every writer and author to subscribe to this web-site. Get educated with facts not fiction.

For the complete list of people and web-sites that is being researched go to,

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We like “thewriteadgenda”  Yes, we like the factual format  of this blog site. Facts are impossible to refute.

Check it out!

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