What in the world is going on with these web-sites that are supposed to professionally review, report and help people learn about the world of publishing?

Over the last five years, those of us that have come to depend on these sites to educate and inform us newbies, have found out that the cover of this book doesn’t even come close to what is really going on.

Over time we have begun to see inside the inner networks of these web-sites and what the people of interest are really doing.

When you review (very time consuming) the years of blog postings and logs, then cross reference them with actual events, such as law suits, mix in honest research to what they are saying vs what is really fact, you begin to realize that it’s a power thing.

These web-sites have lost their alleged mission in life. They actually think that they are untouchable, unapproachable and immune to any consequences as a result of something that they post. They have become mean-spirited, egotistical, biased, opinionated, dishonest, and in some cases blow information out of their butts. They create sensational posts, outrageous claims and then fall silent when asked to produce the facts to back it up.

Are they successful web-sites? No. Most of them are asking for money for a legal defense fund for one of their own that got bit by a legal bug and the cure is very expensive. (They got sued and lost.) I remember a line from a play once, that stated, “if you think you’re right, get your checkbook out or shut up.“ Times are changing and this form of bullying is over. You will be held accountable for your internet mouth.

These web-sites actually think that they can coerce publishing companies into revealing proprietary information, using extortion and veiled threats of blackmail. They use their web-sites to create negative remarks. Nothing is worse than a false statement about you or your company on the internet. Then you have innocent visitors geting caught in the quagmire. Trying to educate themselves, only to get really confused.

Who are we to believe? Professional review / research sites, do NOT engage in character assassinations. They do NOT engage in trashing their competitors or state things that are NOT facts. They can state an opinion. A very strong opinion, which is fair enough, but then when they overkill the question by making false and misleading statements, attack the opinion of the visitor, they fall down to the level of childish prattle. They like to hear themselves sound authoritative.

The unique thing is that these few web-sites have all the same characters in them. A cozy group you might say, or a band of bullies.

Their reputations are seriously damaged. They have allegedly used their positions to ask for jobs and ask for publishing considerations from the same companies they trash. In return they’ll speak no more about them. But when asked about it, they have no tongue. WHAT gives? Is the truth too much? If you said it, prove it. Get your houses in order. An eye opening factual web-site that is doing a lot of research and fact-finding about these web-sites is http://thewriteagenda.wordpress.com/. I encourage every writer and author to subscribe to this web-site. Get educated with facts not fiction.

For the complete list of people and web-sites that is being researched go to,


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