James D. Macdonald, ……….Notable quotes from a BAD minded, Bully Blogger

After tons of E-mail to the office about the Sci-Fi three, we are going to update where we are on the facts about Ole Macdonald and his Farmerettes, Miss ( I never lie and I like to use the F—-word, please treat me like a serious writer) Victoria Strauss, and Miss Ann Crispin who was alleged to have asked a publisher to publish her next book and she would then seal her lips about them…….. 

Here are once again some of  Ole Macdonald’s  notable quacks.  

Quote #1

“If your book flops it’s because your publisher doesn’t need to sell books to make their profit.”

LETS look at that statement. If that were true, what about these major flops.

Journey to Justice by Johnnie Cochran. Ballantine paid a
reported $3.5 million.

Behind the Oval Office by Dick Morris. Random House paid an estimated
$2.5 million.

Leading with my Chin by Jay Leno. HarperCollins paid a
reported $4 million.

Surely these big boys would’ve like to sell some books.

Quote #2

“One thing I’ve always wondered… where and when did Dr. Tate (Founder of Tate Publishing) get his PhD?”

What in the world is this remark about? Personal bullying, character assassination,
getting off base, confusing the issue or all of the above?

This is no more relevant to publishing than Mr. Macdonald stating that he was a enlisted boatswain mate and then an “officer.”  One thing we always wondered………what rank of an officer were you and how is that background information important to what you do now ?  Or if your wife has a PhD what has that got to do with her writing?

Quote #3

“Chris P, here’s a question to ask your nephew: Have you, personally, ever bought a Tate book? Has anyone you know ever bought one? If not, what makes you think that anyone will buy your book?”

Well, A book stands alone from the publishing house. Once it’s released, it up to the buyers to decide which book(s) are a success. The distributors want that book to sell because they make money too. Most people couldn’t tell you who published Harry Potter, but they own the book. This remark is so unprofessional.

Let prove how stupid this remark is by saying, Have you, personally, ever bought a Macdonald book? Has anyone you know ever bought one?  If not, what makes you think that anyone will buy your book?” Duh!

Quote #4

“You’re right, Dick! I’m not J. K. Rowling nor am I James Patterson. I’m just a shaggy-ass midlist writer. But I’ve paid off my mortgage, put two kids through college, have another two in college right now, and I’ve done it by writing. Writing for publishers who paid me in advance. Who sold books to readers.”

This is pure bully. Very defensive, complete with bad language, ( must be the sailor in him). Well what about your wife’s income? Or did you forget her?

Quote #5

“How about you post the answer in public right here?”

This is a common chant from Macdonald. However he refuses to answer any questions about him

But if you read the whole blog, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that the original question was so off the subject matter anyway. He confuses and side tracks the issues.

We need professional people, not angry, self-appointed, foul mouth tyrants, who are not family oriented.

Check out this post by  “Your Genial Uncle.” 


Then we found out that he availiable for school visits. Bet that line is long.


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