Ah the F—Word by Victoria Strauss

It is a moot opinion if Victoria Strauss wants to use the F—Word. It’s her choice.  At her level of writing there needs to be  some action words to support the lack of substance in her writing.

In reviewing the data research of her posts and books there is a definite  pattern of comic book writing or a lack of professional writing.  In fact Victoria is most comedic in her responses to questions about her “facts”.    Victoria is more than entitled to write this way. She comes off as a Egotistical Cyber Bully troll. She loves the attention her bad behavior brings her.

Her readers, though small in numbers are in need of elementary written works, and at least they’re reading some big words. Bad ones but big ones.

So that being said, she has to be the fulfiller of her own dreams. Therefore she is as good as she thinks. BUT the problem is like comparing apples and oranges or in this case comic books to masterpieces.  So we support her. Go Victoria, there is always room at the bottom under the bridge.


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