Boycotting Victoria Strauss’s New Book “Passion Blue”

Just a personal thought or opinion if you will.

I don’t think Boycotting her book is the type of action I would advocate. The term is too harsh. It implies that it serious enough to boycott.

Honestly most people are doing that now anyway. Check her sales records. They’re just choosing not to spend money on something that has no redeeming value. “Passion Blue” sounds boring and borderline copies five hundred other book themes. No Authors I know pre-markets their new book with no cover chosen yet.

Her reputation as an author is highly questionable. She lies about other authors, publishing companies  agents and agencies. She blogs like she has all the time in the world. (she does, her writing proves it).

When my students are asked to present a book for review, we talk about the theme and we want to know if it is original or a copy of a theme de jour, like Ann Crispens books. Ann couldn’t get an original thought if she tried. She copy cats off of other popular themes like Star wars, Caribbean bad guys and her next one will probably be a “Hunger Games” with Werewolves.

Victoria has no background for being the expert she claims. Her success if any is very limited and is connected to herself  proclaimed position with ·  Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers (SFWA) . She is very narcissistic. I would not allow my students to read her new Young Adult novel . . . “Passion Blue” in class. It’s not worth the time. If this was a noted author writing a blah book I’d think about it.  A blah book and bad Author is not what we want the young adults to learn about.  Victoria is reaping what she sows. Thats sad.

Victoria needs to go to writers rehab. She is bringing down the house of SFWA, literally.


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