Victoria Strauss Part of a Cult? Wanted for Lying!

These  are three candidates for an intervention. They have exposed themselves to a lot of critical  review of  “Just what do they do?”  Their claim to fame is that they are doing something that no one else would do. Ratting out scammers. Sadly they are taking  down the house known as, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America and the bastard child Writer Beware.

Their actions have tarnished the other members of this wonderful themed  writing group known as Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers.  Their  actions individually and collectively are out-of-bounds of professional writing ethics’. They have become an embarrassment. These actions will not help Victoria Strauss to sell her new book “Passion Blue”.  Nor Ann Crispin’s alleged Carribbean rip off.   The fact is that it showcases the writer’s lack of professional behavior.

 However………………….Their reviews, complaints and reports are well within their writing genre, Science Fiction, & Fantasy.   

With the skill of  demented surgeons, Victoria Strauss, her BFF Ann Crispin and their “Genial Uncle”, James D. Macdonald, they cut and carve up “Newbies”  The un-aware writers who drop in to their web. They allege a world of conspiracy at every turn. Their bully tactics actually cover up what good they might have done. They show a strong dislike towards Christian authors and Christian Publishing companies.

They spin bright shiny objects (alleged Scans) to the Newbies  and with the voices of sirens

  they cry out for professional respect because they have the bright shiny object which is their word. They double speak and talk with forked tongue. They claim to have facts, real facts but have never produce any. The writers and “want to be’s”  follow the masters in hopes of getting fifteen minutes of fame from them will help their book.

The followers quote their master’s words and alleged scams to the note.  They never question the words of the masters.  Sadly though some of these fans are now finding themselves receiving letters from attorneys telling them to cease and desist. The newbie then has to remove and retract their personal posts.  Now they ‘ve tarnished their own images.

“Don’t look behind the Green curtain”, they yell!

Indeed, don’t look because there is NOTHING there.

PROVE YOUR CLAIMS! Show your FACTS and Proof.  Be responsible.  Think on your own.  Don’t join a cult.





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