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Pay to publish?

Research shows that there’re some people in the blogging world that state with false security that  a  true author would never pay to publish.

“The money always flows down to the author!” Anything less then an
advance and contract from a traditional publisher is a fake and the world will not recognize the author’s
hard work.

A closer look at these bloggers shows that there are many
who use pay for print companies such as Lulu. Author house, Dog ear,
etc.  Some are just e-book authors or e-zines. Not all of them follow the path that they
post about. Nothing is wrong with that.

However some of these bloggers take an air of Holy professionalism
and absolute wisdom that is hard to understand, given the fact that most of
them post anonymously and in groups. Kinda like a shark fest. and they aren’t
accountable to anyone, nor are their names posted on the internet as one who
wasn’t very factual in their allegations about other companies.

In some of these posts they have more drama then actual fact. They fill
their posts with sensational words like scam, scammer, and bold statements
like, “you must like being a victim” etc.
The whole thought of getting professional insight is tossed to the wind.

They claim advanced knowledge about everything remotely connected to
publishing. If you are of a different opinion then the posts are quickly turned
to mean and un-professional. You either agree with their posts or they attack.
When  they’re proven wrong in their postings they attack the poster. Very little factual
professional information or behavior is exchanged. They have a list of companies
that they don’t like for what ever reason. Maybe their manuscript was turned down,
what ever the reason. They even claim to know scams and scammers without
providing any facts. Just their highly charged opinions.

A research of their blogs has shown that when they’re confronted
with true facts about a company, then like a child they claim the report is
false. The poster is false, a shill, a victim of that company that doesn’t know
any better. These bloggers must have thelast word; after all it’s their web site.
A first time author doesn’t stand much of a chance to get real professional help.


Paying to publish is not
bad. Thousands of authors are doing it and are very glad they did.

What do you want?

What can you afford?
Look at what the company is offering.
When the price is more than you can afford. If you have to
take a loan out, borrow, steal or otherwise, don’t do it. The publishing
experience has to be a good one, not fill with stress.

What is a good price?

Depends on what you’re getting.
If you’re getting; 
editing services, marketing services and support,  great book cover design, 
an audio book, an e-book, a free web page, then I think that you need to realize
that this all costs money. So price is like buying a home, it depends on the options.
What will the price say about the home owner?

What will your publisher’s product say about you the author? 
Scrimping on your book is limiting your chances for success.

There isn’t anything wrong with paying for what you get.

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Welcome world!

Welcome to publishingfacts. “Where you get just the facts”

What to think when publishers trash other publishers on the internet.

The first and only thing we think of is why? If  you’re doing such a good job at publishing, business is good then  why do you have to trash the competition? NOT very professional.  A rotten way to drum up clients.  We perfer a publisher that is concentrating on publishing the book(s) NOT trashing other companies.

There is a BIG different in correcting untrue statements made on the internet about your company and trashing. We DO NOT RECOMMEND any company that trashes their competition.

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